Forgiving Myself

Have you ever done something that you really were ashamed of?  Something that you thought if others knew what you did they would no longer love or respect you?  Maybe you struggle with an addiction, maybe it was an affair, or possibly it is the angry outbursts at the people you love.  What ever it… Continue reading Forgiving Myself

Let’s Talk About Shame and Guilt (Designed: Emotions)

Dark, wet, cold, and heavy…perfect words to describe those guilty shame filled feelings that linger making you wonder if you will ever again feel the warmth of hope, the joy of freedom, confidence to pursue people and things you once loved. Guilt and shame are two words that are unfortunately, intimately and personally familiar to… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Shame and Guilt (Designed: Emotions)

Who Do You Belong To? (Designed: Roots)

Perhaps you have heard it said that, “Whose you are is more important than who you are”.  So let me ask…to whom do you belong?  Do you belong to your parents, your spouse, or maybe your children?  Or maybe you are alone in this world and feeling like an orphan, like you don’t matter to… Continue reading Who Do You Belong To? (Designed: Roots)